Radioactive Gases

Beginning in 1993, IES began working in concert with the US Department of Energy (DOE) to safely manage both radioactive gases and contaminated cylinders. This effort began with converting radioactive gas to a more easily managed solid-phase material and evolved into providing gas cylinder management services throughout the DOE National Laboratory complex. In 1997, IES installed a comprehensive cylinder management system known as the “Transportable Compressed Gas Recontainerization Skid” at the K-25 facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. During the next five years, more than 2,000 radioactively contaminated cylinders were processed at this facility.

In 2008, IES establish a waste processing facility inside a Class II Nuclear Facility at the Uranium Hexafluoride (UF6) processing facility at the U.S. Department of Energy Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. IES was the first, and perhaps only company to every accomplish this working condition. All equipment and processes in such locations are subjected to extremely high quality and control standards. In addition, all operations personnel undergo intensive training and continual evaluation. IES processed close to 1,000 cylinders of UF6 within the facility.

Over the years, IES has performed work at almost all U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories including:

  • Portsmouth
  • Idaho Falls
  • K-25 Oak Ridge
  • Hanford
  • Y-12 Oak Ridge
  • Knolls
  • X-10 Oak Ridge
  • Lawrence Berkeley
  • Sandia
  • Piketon
  • Brookhaven
  • Albuquerque

IES personnel have the skills and temperament to work within a radiological environment and understand the regulatory controls associated with DOE management.