Specialty Field

IES specializes in managing highly hazardous materials with a focus on compressed gas cylinders in need of remediation. IES serves private industry, government agencies, and research institutions throughout the United States and the world. We have the unique capability of deploying equipment and services to the site of the problem. 


For some cylinder gases, IES can offer a recycling option. Every year, IES recycles thousands of pounds of propane and refrigerants as well as lesser amounts of other materials. Recycling benefits the environment and can have the unanticipated impact of cost savings for our clients.

Engineering &

IES has deployed a variety of unique chemical processing systems, all of which are designed and programmed in-house. Major components, such as pressure vessels, are typically manufactured at certified fabrication facilities, often to ASME Lethal Service standards. Finished components are integrated into a variety of processing systems by IES technicians.

Our Clients

Our customers include state and national government agencies, private industries, and university research facilities.