In 1983, Jeff Gold co-founded the predecessor company to Integrated Environmental Services (IES), Earth Resources Corporation (ERC) to develop technologies for the on-site remediation of high hazard waste. That year, ERC was contracted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, (USACOE) to create a methodology for the disposal of 183 damaged and unknown gas cylinders at the Chemical Control Corporation site in Newark, New Jersey. While investigating this problem, it became evident that there existed no technically feasible way to safely sample, identify, and re-containerize the damaged and non-functional cylinders. This led to the design of a mobile device that overcame these challenges.

The design for a mobile cylinder processing device was patented in 1984 and became the Cylinder Recontainer-ization Vessel (CRV). The first CRV was successfully used in Jeffersonville, Indiana under contract by the USACOE for the elimination of methyl bromine cylinders. Following successful completion of that project, the CRV was used to safely process all 183 gas cylinders at the Chemical Control Site and later, thousands of other cylinders nationwide.

Mr. Gold then founded IES and continued to invent a series of products characterized by a broad range of safety innovations for on-site remediation. Those patents led to a major role in the U.S. Army’s chemical weapons demilitarization program to design and fabricate mobile systems to destruct chemical warfare material.

The IES approach to managing high-hazard waste has been to emphasize safety of personnel and protection of the environment. This philosophy provides the catalyst for technical innovation. All the equipment IES designs is configured for safety and on-site operation, combining remote functions with multi-level containment to fulfill this goal.


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