Engineering & Fabrication

Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. (IES) takes great pride in the design, development, and fabrication of specialty tools and equipment for the compressed gas and chemical weapon demilitarization industries.

Integrated Environmental Services, Inc. (IES) brings to our clients a refreshing blend of technical expertise, collaborative spirit and innovation that is rare in our industry. We are a trusted advisor to our clients whose leaders value these traits and expect outstanding project outcomes.Our ability to respond promptly to clients needs, along with our expertise and knowledge allows us to deliver value engineered projects on time.

Along with developing tools and equipment for use by our operators, IES has fabricated some unique devices utilized in “live chemical agent” treatment and recontainerization, acetylene cylinder processing, remote container access, and alternative fuel production.

Since 1992, IES has continued to push the envelope through innovative thought and real world application. Our in-house design and fabrication team creates solutions that are nothing short of magic! Despite extreme technical, schedule, and budget constraints, IES transforms problems into success stories.


In specialized situations, IES uses a pair of chambers designed to completely enclose a target cylinder while still allowing its valve to be remotely opened and controlled.


IES designed an eight drill redundant system to access two shells per processing cycle.  Accidentally drilling into the explosively configured burster tube is precluded by the drilling jig which is unique to shell type.


For processing lecture bottles with inoperable valves containing low-pressure liquefied gases such as chlorine, IES has designed and uses a highly portable, rapid set-up machine, the Mark III