For more than 25 years, IES technologies have formed the leading edge of mobile containment, neutralization, and container accessing systems. Our equipment has been operated worldwide for on site destruction of hazardous compounds and chemical weapons.

IES continuously develops and improves the novel processing techniques used with the tools we have invented. We design, build, and operate most of our mobile systems, taking them from concept to full field application. This approach results in giving our operators the best equipment available and our clients the safest, most comprehensive technical solutions possible.

What follows is the primary list of equipment used for on site processing of chemical weapons, compressed gas cylinders, and radioactively contaminated materials.


Phoenix-class (CMD)

Valkyr Mark III

Valkyr Mark IV

Mobile Laboratory

Acetylene Processing System

Transport Overpacks

Valve Sampling System

Remote Bung Opener

Wet Scrubbers

Dry Scrubbers

Kinetic Penetrator